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Why hiring proViAs ?

Advantages of working with proViAs


Cost saving

As a freelancer I work from home. You save office space and equipment, hardware and software, wages and ancillary wage costs as well as salary and continued payment of wages in the event of illness.



Cost control

My prices are fixed prices. We either agree on a monthly fixed price with a fixed number of hours or a project package at a fixed price. So you always have an eye on the costs.


More productivity

I keep your back free, take care of more or less annoying office stuff, so that you remain in a position to further develop your company and concentrate on both your core business and your employees.


Motivated effort

My goal is to satisfy you 100%. From my 33+ years of professional experience, I have compiled my "best of" list of activities, which I am highly motivated to make available to you.


On demand service

Depending on your needs, I will support you in the short or long term, you only pay for my productive working hours. This means there are no paid idle times and you save on permanent staff.


Work-life balance

By outsourcing time-consuming tasks, you gain a lot of time that you can use profitably elsewhere, including with your family.
Time is precious!



Different point of view

As an outsider, I see your business and its processes from a different perspective. If necessary, I am happy to provide ideas and support you with suggestions for improvement, if you wish.


Bundling of know-how

Outsourcing has the potential to increase the level of performance in the areas concerned. We bundle our knowledge and thus achieve an increase in competence and quality of your work processes.


Variable use

In principle, I can take on any task that can be done anywhere. My offer is diverse, so I can carry out small and medium-sized projects from different areas for you.


Personal & reliable

Despite the physical distance, I am - as long as we work well together - your reliable, personal and long-term contact person, you get everything reliably

one hand.

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