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I am a Highly Skilled HR/People and
Executive Administrative Support Professional with 34+ Years Work Experience

"I only do what I enjoy - and that for you!"


I have worked in various positions and companies for over 30 years. In every job there was work that I particularly liked and that I did with enthusiasm and passion, and others that I always put off because it was simply monotonous or boring. As a freelancer, I've cherry-picked and now just focus on my "best of" list. So I only do what I really enjoy, and when, how and where I want to.

I work for small and medium-sized companies in all industries.

And what can I help you with?

per V i A s Company Values

think & stay

customer focused

take on

risks & responsibility

never stop

learning & growing

service & passion


simplify work &

enjoy life

Mission and Principles

company mission

and Personnel Principles

company mission

My company goal is
work and private life
my customers
so profound and lasting
to improve,
that they cannot imagine
return to the old way.

Let's start working together!

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